Breakfast First!

Making sure your family begins each day with a nutritious breakfast is one of the best steps you can take toward healthy eating. Starting your day right literally means to 'break' the overnight 'fast' by fuelling your bodies and minds with energy and essential nutrients.

Learn more about the Five Good Reasons breakfast is such a vital meal.

Keeping it Simple

Even young children can learn to plan and prepare a nutritious breakfast with some simple guidelines. Balance your morning menus by choosing foods from at least 3 food groups from Canada's Food Guide. Have some fun planning together and get creative with your favourite foods.

Tip:Parents, when it comes to healthy eating, it's no secret that your kids will most likely follow your lead. So one of the best ways to get them eating breakfast is to enjoy your morning meal as a family, as often as possible!

Five Good Reasons

Research shows that there are many really good reasons for your family to enjoy breakfast each day. Studies have found that:
  • Breakfast helps you meet your nutrient needs.
    Breakfast provides essential vitamins and minerals for healthy growth and development. Children who skip breakfast may not make up for missed nutrients later in the day.
  • Children who eat breakfast do better at school.
    Eating breakfast is associated with improved memory skills, better test grades and greater school attendance rates. Children who miss breakfast may feel tired and hungry, and find it hard to concentrate.
  • Breakfast is linked to healthier body weights.
    People who regularly eat breakfast have healthier body weights than those who skip breakfast.
  • Breakfast eaters have healthier lifestyle habits.
    Children and adults who eat breakfast tend to make healthy food choices throughout the day and are more physically active than those who skip breakfast.
  • Eating breakfast can help kids learn how to eat well.
    Breakfast is an ideal time to role model healthy eating for your children. It's easy to teach kids simple meal planning and preparation skills when you eat breakfast together.

Simple Solutions

It's not unusual to run into a few challenges on the road to healthier eating. Here's how you can overcome some of the most typical breakfast hurdles.

Not Hungry?
It's a common complaint in the morning, but not a good reason to skip breakfast! If you or your or child aren't hungry for breakfast first thing in the day, try eating at least a small amount of something nutritious, like a banana. Then balance out your breakfast by packing some more foods to-go, like a cereal bar and yogurt drink. That way you'll have something healthy to eat when hunger does set in.

No Time?
Try these time saving tips to help your family make time for breakfast:
  • Make it a rule that all homework is done before bed.
  • Have your kids prepare their school clothes at night.
  • Get lunches packed and in the fridge in the evening.
  • Keep breakfast items handy for kids on lower shelves.
  • Set the table for breakfast before you tuck into bed.
  • Have a variety of quick and easy breakfast foods on hand.
  • Keep the television turned off on school mornings.
Out of ideas?
Create a place for everyone in your family to share their nutritious breakfast ideas. You can use a "Bright Breakfast Ideas" white board on your fridge, a file on your computer or a big jar for storing ideas written on individual notes. Then next time you're wondering what to eat for breakfast you'll know where to turn!