Family Healthy Tool Kit

Let the Family Healthy Eating Tool Kit be your 'how to' guide. Try each of our simple tools to help you make healthy choices and stay on track:

  • Breakfast First
    Learn how to plan a nutritious breakfast and overcome common challenges.
  • A+ Lunches
    Have fun together with your kids creating school lunches they will enjoy.
  • Rate your Plate
    See how nutritious your plate is whether you're eating at home or out.
  • Shop Smart
    Make your food choices count by shopping well with Canada's Food Guide.
  • Fibre Up* Your Family
    Learn all about fibre, the different types and sources of fibre and the benefits of eating more.
  • Healthy Eating Makeover
    Take a closer look at what's in your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator.

Tip:Keep in mind that physical activity goes hand in hand with healthy eating and we are all individuals with different needs. Canada's Food Guide shows us the types and amounts of food healthy children, teens and adults should eat each day.
If you are more active, you may need more servings to meet your energy needs.